Decentralized, Peer to Peer Insurance Network

Tides is a distributed network of peer-to-peer insurance, which puts the power back into your hands. With Tides network, all the functions of an insurance company are decentralized.

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Insurance that is transparent, fair and cheap. Insurance products built on Tides allow you to benefit from being a responsible insurance consumer. Enjoy the fruits of your responsible behavior.


Rapid product deployment utilizing the power of blockchain. Create innovative, market responsive insurance products with minimal overhead. Tides lets you focus on your core competences: Market Insights and Underwriting Excellence.

Tide Pools are peer to peer groups that pool premiums and share risk. It could be your friends, neighbors, colleagues or any other group. Join the pool that fits your needs. You get to vote to decide policies.

Sickening: Why do your premiums keep rising while coverage gets worse, year after year?

The current insurance hierarchy is incentivized to maximize their revenue (Raise Your Premiums), minimize expenses (Not Pay Your Claims), and generally obscure information to keep you in the dark. There are pervasive, hidden conflicts of interest between insurance companies and their members. But Tides P2P model is different. You and your community are in control of your premiums.

No Intermediary

With Tides, there is no intermediary that profits from raising your premiums, from denying your claims, and from hiding your coverage under fine print.

Full Transparency

In Tides, your premiums are priced accurately and transparently by our network of actuaries who are incentivized, to be accurate, above all else.

Price Sensitivity

With Tides, members get their premium surpluses distributed back to them, which leads to efficient and judicious utilization of resources.

How it works

Joining any peer-to- peer insurance Tide Pool is frictionless and rewards you when your friends join. By enabling transparency into all pools, it’s easy to see which fits your needs best. Moreover, at the end of the term, you are entitled to your portion of the surplus premiums.


Premiums are priced accurately based on a network of actuaries voting through Tides’ consensus protocol. Tides incentivizes honesty and accuracy.


Submit a claim and get paid. A decentralized network of oracles verifies claims and reaches consensus in hours, not weeks, as in traditional insurance.

Surpluses redistributed

All surplus premiums from your pool are returned to the members at the end of your term.

TIDE Tokens

Release of TIDE tokens is linked to members joining a pool. TIDE is required for starting a pool and for paying network fees of actuaries, claims processors, and other oracle functionaries for their work. Bonuses and unspent surpluses are redistributed in TIDE.

Pool Voting

TIDE tokens grant voting rights to influence governance of pools’ policies, to determine the optimal distribution of surplus premiums, and more.

Proof of Stake

TIDE is a staking token, requiring actuaries, underwriters, and oracles to stake tokens to get work allocated. Those in consensus are proportionately rewarded, while the dishonest functionaries get penalized.

Our Team

Tides has the perfect balance of Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Deep Technical knowledge, and Crypto experience. 3/4 founders are from 500 Startups, with a company delivering the nation’s first meals personalized by biometrics/DNA.

Dr. Chandra Duggirala

Founder & CEO

  • Physician, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor
  • Founder of Digital Health Startups
  • Consulted for medical claims appeals companies
  • CEO/Co-founder @ FUEL: hyper-personalized nutrition
  • 500 Startups Graduate

George Burke

Founder & COO

  • Founder with 3 exits
  • Signed first cryptocurrency debit card US banking contract in 2014
  • Built largest biohacking organization: SF Peak Performance
  • CMO/Co-founder @ FUEL: hyper-personalized nutrition
  • Published in Men’s Health & GQ
  • 500 Startups Graduate

Manoj Duggirala

Founder & CTO

  • Engineering @ Stanford
  • Full Stack & Blockchain Developer
  • Big data/AI @ Invensense
  • Developed Apple Watch & Fitbit sensor tech
  • CTO/Co-founder @ FUEL: hyper-personalized nutrition
  • 500 Startups Graduate

Victor Wu

Founder & CPO

  • Online Social Dynamics Studies @ UC San Diego
  • Lung Illness Survivor turned Health Activist
  • Product Designer & Front-End Developer

John Revelle

Head of Business Development & Partnerships

    • Mortgage Banker @ Homeowners Financial Group
    • Financial Advisor @ Morgan Stanley
    • Insurance Advisor @ Northwestern Mutual
    • Marketing @ Citi

Alex Gioia

Head of Actuarial Science

  • Reinsurance Actuarial Analyst @ Verisk Analytics
  • Insurance Research and Consulting @ Conning Asset Management
  • In-force Insurance Illustrations @ MetLife
  • Math + Communications @ Hamilton College

Reese Jones


  • CEO @ Farallon Communications (IPO)
  • Founder/CEO @ Netopia (IPO)
  • Advisor @ Facebook
  • Co-Founder Singularity University

Prof. Sinclair Davidson


  • Renowned blockchain economics writer & theorist
  • Professor of Institutional Economics @ RMIT University
  • RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub

Eric Martindale


  • Founder of Fabric
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Engineering @ Blockstream
  • Engineering @ BitPay

Brandon Goldman


  • Ex-Lead architect @ Blockfolio
  • Angel Investor, Crypto pioneer
  • Founder, Goldman Capital
  • Co-founder of FreshPay
  • Early employee at Box
  • YC Alumni

Micah Winkelspecht


  • Founder/CEO of Gem, the largest healthcare blockchain company
  • Developed multi-sig wallet standards

Our Roadmap

  • Q4 2017
    Stellar blockchain platform chosen, concept formalized, early white paper written, founding team established
  • Q2 2018
    Whitepaper written, peer reviewed Tides smart contracts audited Tides network prototyped, ready for pool formation
  • Q4 2018
    Tokens released, tokens usable by Oracles, Actuaries and Lenders Pool distribution contracts completed, Audited Interfaces for Providers, consumers developed
  • Q2 2019
    Sign up a network of providers in selectively chosen areas Build a network of oracles, actuaries and Lenders Network fully functional